Shaklee Detox Style

In conjunction with Raya festival, we tend to eat all you can to celebrate after a month of Ramadhan.

Here is the Shaklee Detox Style to eliminate all the toxic that substance from the body.

1. Herb Lax
   Containing 9 natural herbs consist of alfafa leaves, anise seed, blue malva flower, buckhorn bark, licorice root, rhubarb root, fennel seed, and culver's root

Herb Lax also helps to

  • Stimulate the intestine to speed up the cleaning process is gentle to the stool stuck in long stored in our body
  • Help constipation
  • Help to reduce the solidity of the stomach and stomach relief aid
2. Alfafa
Made of Alfafa (Medicago Sativa) in California which free from prestisid, herbasid and using chemical-free fertilizer materials.

The main benefits
  • Cleanse the liver, blood and gut
  • Against allegies
  • Good for pathological changes in the intestine and stomach
  • Get rid of fat and cholestrol
  • Against tumor
  • Prevent / fight athritis


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