10 Rules for Happiness and Contentment by Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee (Part 1)

" Daydreams are wonderful! They build castles in the air but there they stay, up in the air, until you build a thought foundation under them. Don't think for one moment that your daydreams are beyond your power of accomplishment"    -Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee

Plan for happiness with as much care as you plan for the welfare of your business. Happiness is a state of mind, therefore it depends entirely upon the thoughts you produce. You wouldn't know whether you were happy or not, if you didn't think about it. So make sure that you THINK about the happiness you know CAN be yours.

As the salesman uses salesmanship to direct his sales, so much you use THOUGHTSMANSHIP to direct your thoughts of happiness.


To gain happiness you must learn to enjoy that which you have. It is not how much we have. It is what we THINK about that which we have that proceeds happiness. In building a happy, contented life, you must GIVE happiness to others. No one living unto himself will ever be contented with his lot. Your happiness is reflected upon you through the service you give to them. 

Happiness is an attribute of love, therefore you can never be happy until you give your love to others. Let your emotion of love gladden the heart of someone and see what an ample supply of happiness reflected upon you. A selfish person may depend upon the gaining of possessions to bring him happiness but he soon finds that such possessions reflects only his own selfish thoughts.

Live in the joyful NOW. Plan for a happy future, but make sure that you develop the habit of enjoying the present. Your future happiness depends upon the thoughts you produce today. There is no time like the PLEASANT one. You cannot alter the happenings of yesterday, so why allow worry over them to destroy the happiness of today? Never allow the past to defeat the present. Learn how to live this day to the full and you will get greater enjoyment in living the tomorrows as they become present.

Roadblocks on the way to happiness must be eliminated. What are those roadblocks that are preventing you from travelling the happiness-highway? They are fear, worry, anger, hatred, jealousy, envy, prejudice, selfishness and criticism of others. All of the above mentioned roadblocks may be removed through the use of THOUGHTSMANSHIP, for what you think, you do. Start THINKING your way to a happier, more contented life.

Source : Forrest C. Shaklee,Sr.

2nd part of the 10 Rules for Happiness and Contentment will be posted on the other entry.

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