LIfestyle & Travel : 5D4N Seoul, Korea

안녕 (Annyeong)!

I just come back from short trip to Seoul, Korea.

Day 1
We arrived put our belonging & off we go for sightseeing

The tour guide pick us up from Hanggang Apartment to Sinchon for lunch.

The Restaurant : Gosame (in other name is 532)
Menu of the Day : Macarel Fish , Sundobu (Tauhu Soup) & Ojimo Kocum (Fried Squid)

Restaurant Gosemi which means 532

Namsan Tower or known as N Tower around 4pm-7pm.
Inside N Tower, they have Art Musuem where u can check it our before proceed to the Namsan View Tower


Before of to our apartment, we stopped at Itaewon for our Dinner

The Restaurant : Siti Sarah Restaurant
Menu of The Day : Grilled Chicken &

Sorry, no picture taken :)

Day 2
The whole day we spent at Mount Sorak.

The journey took 4 hours from Seoul. Its quite far from Seoul. However it is worth of travelling.

Dinner we went to Sindang-dong

The Restaurant : Don't know
Menu : Topokki

Amongst all the food I tried, I like this one!

Day 3
A day in Nami Island & Its Autumn!
What a beautiful scenery. 2 options to go to Naminara Island is via flying fox or ferry:)

Isn't it gorgeous?

Not just yellow tree, they also have orange-red tree!!!!!

Lunch at Nami Island
Menu : Kimchi Bokumbop (Kimchi Fried Rice)
This is what we called it Nasi Goncang, where you have to shake it to mix up the flavor

We missed the boat cruise at Han River which end up we went there to have our dinner at E-Land

The Restaurant : Lotteria
Menu : Shrimp Burger
Delicious Shrimp Burger!

End up we went to Myeongdong for window shopping.

This area has a lot for facial face product from Etude, Face Shop, etc to much, i cant recall. As you know, Hangguk people take very seriously about their beauty. So all the beauty shops sell quite cheap compared to Malaysia.

Here also sells so many Korean food, we drop and bought Korean Tradisional Sweet that made from honey.

Day 4
Its a shopping day!
Not much of picture taken since we've been busy shopping.

Dinner at Food Court E-Mart, can you imagine? For me, that is the worst service I ever had from the Ground Handler and he left us at the mart so we could walk back home. Even though the mall & our apartment quite near but as a ground handler should have given the best service to the customer.

Day 5
Its free and easy day whereby we spent the whole 1/2 day resting in the house before leaving Korea at 12pm.

Summarize of my travel journal
Whenever you want to visit Korea, I would suggest to find Local Ground Handler in Korea who would be able to speak Korean & English so it would be easier for you to communicate. 

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