Let It Go

Let It Go


I am a person who extremely LOVE to watch Cartoon from Barbie to Disney. Today I've been listening to Frozen(the latest Disney cartoon) songs, Let it Go or countless times. Damn I love it so much. I search the lyrics and I did watched the movies before. Not just I love the character but there is something special about this songs. Check out below, it give powerful motivation, where it tells us to Let It Go the fear, or people says, fear of showing to other the best and and fear of uncertainty. 

Then she said, 
"Let it go, Let it go.
Can't hold it back anymore.
Let it go, Let it go,
Turn away and slam the door.
I don't care what they're going to say.
Let the storm rage on."

Let Anyone said, as she is now believed in herself and no longer afraid.Let the storm rage on coz she is ready!

Personal Checklist


Following up from the article of Eat Well, imagine that we have taken a perfect food pyramid as per recommended which consist of vegetables, fruits, grains, milk & bread which complete food pyramid system. 

But then, have you ever heard people or even us complaining, 
Owh, my body is aching!
 Oh, i'm so tired! 
Owh my legs cramping every morning, 
This is my first day period, I'm pissed so don't come near me!
I'm hungry!

Have you ever wonder that every symptom that our body reaction does mirror our body lacking of vitamins & minerals?

How on earth should we know that we are lacking of vitamins & minerals while we do take a good care of our food, do exercise, and sleep well plus I'm still young, strong & active in my daily activity. 

Have you ever checked your BMI? Have you ever received the final result of your body results is beyond your current age?Ie, Age = 26, BMI Body Age = 56?

Have you ever though that our body need maintenance as if our car need monthly maintenance and service?

How are we going to have our "Personal Checklist"?
Below you can used this for yourself to check on your personal health. Many times we misunderstand the difference between nutrient deficiency symptoms and real illness. The ailment below are common symptoms due to nutritional errors and poor lifestyle, such as lack of exercise, smoking,etc.

If there is one or two or perhaps more symptom in you, you may need nutrition diet in your daily life to balance your diet.

Till then, we shall continue the next briefing.

Eat Well


Have you ever wonder when our mom tells us to eat well. What does it means of eat well?

Well for me, as long I'm taking 3 times food, breakfast, lunch & dinner (I'm just perfect) but definitely I'm taking the type of food that I love instead of following the pyramid portion as below.

Why it is important for us to have this portion food? 

The main reasons of having the good proportion on our daily food intake is for our body to get our body to get the nutrients for our body to keep healthy.The main things, we take our meal is for ENERGY which mainly will get through carbohydrate. The daily intake food that we take mostly is for our body to have the energy to do our activity.

But the next question is, how about the food for our cell system?
This where I will share with you in the next publish.
STUDY is a Mental & Physical Task

STUDY is a Mental & Physical Task


Every day our routine is fulfill with assignments,quizzes, college project and lecture.Sometimes with our pack schedule we do not have time for our brain to relax.We let ourselves stay awake for the whole night just to finished up our assignment that need to be submit to the lecturer for the next morning and this factor would bring the student unable to perform well in their studies.

The key factor for an excellent EVERY STUDENT is:

Activities Why

EAT WELL Not the amount BUT the quality (balance food)
EXERCISE Clear the head more oxygen into the brain
REST A must
PLAY Learn other attributes – leadership, socializing

To be an effective student there are several components that we must get right method in order to excel in our study.

Its 2014


Its already 2014, how time flies!today is already 01/01/14.what a nice date!

Definitely this year we hope to have a good fortune from the previous year. Based on Chinese  Horoscope for 2014 is HORSE. Horse character is Energetic, good with money and very fond of travel, Horses are the nomads of the Chinese Zodiac, roaming from one place or project to the next. All of this Sign's incessant activity and searching may be to satisfy a deep-rooted desire to fit in.

As my personal goal for this year I want to changed my life for better future! I mean better future is more money, more quality time & reach to the top! Perhaps i aim too high but it doesn't matter as long as you dream and set your mind for something you will get what you think of.

Today is still still 01/01/2014 there is time to set your goal and reach for it! GOOD LUCK. See you at the TOP
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