Setiap tahun, I've made this azam. Azam untuk turunkan berat badan. Years to years it never been achievable goal. Semuanya mision yang carry forward mission. End up I become an emotional eater and I pumped up myself until there is one triggering moment that happened to me in 2020.

Last Saturday, I went out for lunch date with my cousins and catching up stories. Me and my cousin has made this agreement that we must have a get together at least once a year. Since PKP has been lifted, we decided to meet up at Jibby Chow for dimsum. 

We had best moment together for 1 hour and 30 minutes before one of us had to depart due to his meeting.  While waiting for our take away food, I took a photo of my cousin then I asked her to take a photo of me since the her picture turns out great.

I'm quite surprise myself when I see a photo of me since I'm not a type who loves to upload a photo of me and decided to upload in my instagram.

Dan gambar seterusnya dibawah adalah orang yang sama, Me setahun yang lalu.

When I see my picture and decided to compare myself a year-2 ago, which you can see from the picture above. Only a year difference does make a huge impact for me. You know and I know that there are many people outside has the same problem with me. Dari kurus ke overweight up to obese then aim untuk berpatah balik semula ke ideal weight and selalu aim tapi always failed. Alhamdulillah this year, I consider my carried forward goals tu dah achieve untuk tahun 2021. Cuma kelemahan diri sendiri tu cepat mengalah ditengah jalan. Alhamdulillah dengan perubahan yang ketara ni buat diri rasa nak fight for better self. Tapi...tapi...tapi.... setiap perkara bermula dari small steps and commitment

Weight loss not just about getting a size smaller or getting the ideal weight (which is small part of weight loss). Its more than that. Its about the process of getting to know you.

Not all type of diet fits me and you. Allah has Created each and everyone of us is unique. Even our thumbprint also is different from one another. Weight Loss journey is about getting to know yourself, your body react to each food you put inside your body and how your body react to it.

Just trust the process, definitely you'll get the result.

Health is ...


Something to ponder...

Do you agree with me if I think Health is about making a long-term investment? Agree or not?

One fine day, I was in the toilet and thinking about my weight loss progress. Unexpectedly I have been committed myself for over a year for Intermittent Fasting. Then, I fikir lagi, Wow... I have been consume Shaklee for more than 20 years plus already. 

Then I sit down and think again and buat a bit of self reflection, yeah, Health is... like a reading stock market. Its a graph of our personal health check. Ada masa, ia naik ada masa dia turun. It's not a fixed progress but it's like a yo-yo theme. Selalu kita dengar diet yang yo-yo yet our health also like that. Dia semua bergantung kepada cara hidup, intake pemakanan harian dan product (luaran) yang kita amalkan.

If in stock market rules of thumb, bila harga tengah murah, kita beli and bila harga tengah melambung tinggi kita jual to earn profits but dia berbeza dengan kesihatan. Bila kesihatan kita menurun, kita kena focus bagi intensive treatment untuk targeted penyakit yang kita hadapi dan selepas itu... bila dah sihat, kita ke focus untuk maintain our health up to optimum level. 

Kesihatan ini sentiasa perlu pemantauan dari masa ke semasa. Sihat bukan bermakna kita sihat selamanya dan sakit bukan bermakna kita sakit selamanya kecuali dengan izinNya. Memahami concept 5 sebelum 5 dan salah satu pepatahnya sihat sebelum sakit.

Setiap penyakit ada ubatnya kecuali mati. So percayalah setiap penyakit can be reversible or it can terusan sakit. Semuanya bergantung kepada diri kita sendiri, macam mana kita hendak menjaga diri serta kesihatan kita.

Talking about making a long-term investment, dalam sedar mahupun tidak.. I had consume supplement for more than 20 years. 

Why I choose to consume supplement?

I choose supplement because I know my eating pattern habit and my daily lifestyle tak memberi impak yang baik untuk badan. Dengan adanya makanan tambahan, ia serba sedikit membantu improvekan my health.

Failure and Success Diet


Today, I just want to share antara my failure and success diet story yang I pernah buat throughout my life.

Some because I follow orang diet sebab I tengok dia lost weight, I pun ikut diet, sometimes orang push me to diet because they all tengok I makin mengembang, even ada one time kami dekat office buat weight loss game challenge and times I am eagerly nk reduce weight bila my baju semua dah tak muat and lastly at the end I dont even care what happen to me (over confidence dgn diri sendiri). Senang kata banyak siri diet program yang I pernah buat throughout my life. Some fail and some success but mostly temporary effect sahaja.

Antara diet-diet plan yang I pernah follow ya adalah :-

I tried ATKINS
This would last only a week for me.After 5 days I dah surrender, tak larat nak makan oily food, perut I sebu dengan too much oily plus buah yang tak boleh nak makan. My cousin boleh buat ATKINS waktu tu,  but not for me. 

Only last me two-three weeks sebab I am not a sayur person. Jadinya, hilangla balance suku-suku separuh concept for me and end up I maintain to my eating habit style.

This diet antara yang paling cepat I dapat turunkan berat badan, antara dia 5kg dalam masa seminggu. Memang berhasil. Tidak dinafikan. Waktu ni happy sangat sebab banyak kot boleh turunkan berat. Siap imagine lagi if I buat dalam seminggu ni I can reduce 20kg dalam sebulan ni (I imagine senang je turunkan berat badan tanpa kira, sebenarnya turun cepat sebab air dalam badan). I consider its a success cumanya, I berjaya dalam tempoh program detox sahaja which is 7 days detox program but on the eight day of my diet program, I'm back to my square one habit of eating. 

Yang ini pula, calorie counting ni I siap pergi ambil courses for two days siap belajar masak for Low Carb diet etc ya. Learn the theory of counting and nutrition, macro food dan sebagainya. Siap ada sijil and ada private ig to monitor the weight loss program for those yang join program Misi Montok. 

Kelemahan I dengan calorie counting ni, setiap benda kena kira and kena plan 1 week ahead apa nak makan and apa yang nak masak. Meanwhile, I cannot plan my food. I buat juga plan 1 week meal prep tapi after I tried, everytime I makan, I will never follow my meal plan yang I dah buat sebab I jenis cepat boring dengan makanan yang I dah setkan tu.

I tried KETO
Ini antara paling mencabar sebab tepung, susu nak kena tukar. I boleh makan ayam grill bagai cuma commitment untuk masak dengan nasi buat dari sayur dan sebagainya, for me I think it's leceh for me. Hahahaha. So I angkat tangan la bab keto plus waktu tu banyak makan dekat luar, so faham-faham la bila dah makan diluar. 


Since dulu, detox tu berjaya buat I reduce weight, so sebelum I kenal IF, I buat detox. Setiap bulan I buat detox. I put an aim to make sure mesti detox setiap bulan supaya my body feels light and fresh. 
Then, once I keep on buat detox, I sendiri rasa macam sayangla if I nak continue makan macam biasa since I dah rasa my body feels good kan. So barulah IF muncul into the picture sebab I rasa sayang nak masukkan makanan dalam perut. So I started my IF dengan 16/8 dulu (tanpa ilmu). Later, I start cari buku tentang IF and tanpa disedari, I had been doing IF about a year already. This is among my successful diet program that suits my style.

The best about IF for me, I can eat anything I would love to eat tanpa perlu sacrifice banyak perkara cumanya yang I kena control eating window dalam tempoh waktu tertentu supaya I ada bg laluan for my metabolism bekerja untuk membaiki my cell. 

Imagine, for a year consistently buat IF and detox, I gradually increase my fasting hour to 20/4 and sometimes I go for 2MAD (2meal a day) or OMAD (one meal a day). Throughout my learning process, yang selama ni diet yang "yo-yo" style ini adalah bila nak diet, dia bukan sekadar jaga makan tetapi it goes hand in hand dengan ubah lifestyle. 

My Mistake that I learn, kenapa my diet selama ni just "yo-yo" level.
  1. I have no specific target/mindset.
  2. I think I'm healthy like I used to be in my 20s
  3. I maintain my normal lifestyle.
  4. I continue consumption sugar like I always do
  5. I emotionally stress 
  6. I am confidence about myself. 

I have one sister, she and her husband punya determination to reduce weight memang level I tak boleh nak keep up sebab mindset yang derang nk set dalam mind very strong and very committed. Bila balik rumah derang excercise, memang I akan join sekali sekala tapi once diaorang balik rumah sendiri, excercise I pun ke laut. Bahagian makan, they bring their own food bila datang rumah. Bila such commitment and determination macam itu surely berhasil kan, tapi sebabkan I ni level hangat-hangat tahi ayam, jadilah kembang-kecut macam  kena tiup belon. 

If I fikirkan semula, if I betul-betul follow derang buat, surely I dah lama dah enjoy my triumph moment but tidak. I realised not all diet option yang ada diluar sana tak semuanya sesuai dengan kita. Kita kena cari and explore mana yang betul-betul sesuai and you can get the point from my story above.

My personal advise for those out there yang baru nak bermula untuk cuba turunkan berat badan, jangan stress-stress, rilex and buat step by step, dont look at other people achievement (nanti you jadi tak sabar and bila xberhasil you frust and you comeback to old habit). As my penceritaan diatas, this is all the journey in a way to find diet apa yang best suits your style and you enjoy doing it. Like me, I also gone through series of style dengan mencuba dan membaca and I finally found it. If I can, you also can. 

Just enjoy every moment in life so you will appreciate it more than ever.  

Panjang pula cerita hari ni. That's all for today. See you in my next post.

Self Care


 Hello.. Hello.. Hello... Happy September. September always been my favourite month of the year.

I come across this word tahun lepas. I love the word, Self Care is not a luxury. It's a necessity. I want to share this but I dont know how to put this into words.

I totally agreed with this phrase.

I learned this through my past experience. Self Care is such a BIG WORD. Ia merangkumi keseluruhan YOU. Means by keseluruhan you adalah menjaga fizikal, emotion dan spritual in order to be balance. Even sekarang, too much emotional imbalance leads to mental health. Spiritual imbalance lead to action yang drastic and Physical imbalance that leads to poor health condition. Secara zahirnya pun, sebagai manusia kita harus ada keseimbangan dalam diri supaya kita tidak kucar kacir. 

Five to six years ago, I dont really care much about taking care of myself. It doesn't mean I tak jaga diri I, tapi ia lebih melibatkan tentang gaya hidup dan pemakanan I yang tak seimbang akibat daripada frustrated in myself. Its not inner factor yang buatkan I careless about me but lebih kepada external factor. When things doesn't go the way you plan in life, you become stress and disappointed with yourself. I become an emotional eater in order for me to seek comfort from the painful frustration. Jadinya, I enjoy rich food, makan ikut hawa nafsu diri. Sometimes, midnight lapar pun boleh juga makan nasi goreng. Dah kenyang tidur macam ular sawa. In my case, my stress and frustration leads to my physical imbalance. I slowly gained weight tapi that time pun I still feel ok with myself. I neglect my body condition. I just enjoy my food to the fullest. Bukan sekejap tau, makan tahun dengan habit macam ni.

Sampailah last year, when things get worst. My Uric Acid naik, Kolestrol naik, my eGFR menurun, PCOS getting serious. Thats the turning point for me to jaga my health. U know, bila u down, you stress, you frust dengan diri sendiri... your whole world sangat gloomy. Like me, I felt like I'm stuck in the small box and cant move around. Dengan my style yang jenis tak suka nk bercerita dengan orang, I feel stuck and sad until, I decide to take control back about my health. Deep though I fikir balik if I dont do something about my health today, it will get worse. So I slowly change to be better and now I berjaya keluar dari my dark hole. 

You see from the story above, it is necessity to take care about yourself because to lead a happy life all starts from YOU.

See you in the next post.

My First Talk : Intermittent Fasting

Wahhhh.... tak tahu macam mana nak express my first talk. Happy, nervous, excited, looking forward, all in one. 

Bayangkan berapa tahun tak buat presentation, sekali kena present online. Hehehe... Punya dok focus sangat nk kena present sampai lupa terus nak introduce diri sendiri. Hahahaha... so funny. Orang yang sentiasa keep it to herself bila kena paksa keluar dari shell sendiri macam itulah jadinya.

Walaupun just for one hour, I'm honored when I have the platform to share my knowledge and story to the Shaklee Member team. 

Upload sini all the member who joined the talk. Its for my personal achievement. Alhamdulillah.

Bila sharing secara online ni betullah orang kata berbeza. Selama ni jadi pendengar bukan yang menyampaikan. Terutama bila kita punya audience tanpa gambar. Kita sendiri jadi confius samada message yang cuba disampaikan itu sampai atau tidak ke pendengar. No wonder ada some speaker sentiasa suruh buka video supaya dia boleh nampak reaksi pendengar and NOW I can relate the feeling that they feel.

Dalam talk ni, I share tentang ilmu Intermittent Fasting. Something that I learned, I read and I practice untuk I turunkan berat badan.  Percaya atau tidak, dalam tempoh PKP I berjaya turunkan berat badan sebanyak 20kilo dalam masa setahun? Rata-rata complain naik badan dalam PKP but not for me. 

20 kilos' such a big achievement for me personally. Dari rasa tak ada harapan untuk turunkan berat badan, still ada sinar harapan sekarang untuk lebih sihat. Sebenarnya dalam blog ini I nak share with you that kita sentiasa ada peluang untuk reverse our health, our body to a better condition walau seteruk mana berat badan yang kita naik, masih boleh untuk reverse. Benda ini terjadi pada diri I sendiri dan I belajar dari sini.

My First Talk ni, I share my mistake that I did during Intermittent Fasting dalam tempoh I buat tanpa ilmu dan apa yang I betulkan semula setelah ada ilmu. Insya-Allah next entry I will further cerita my story. Till now my write up. 

See you soon!

Happy Merdeka ke-64

2021, year of Convid.

Kalau tak tahun ni, hari ni, pagi-pagi dah keluar pergi area berdekatan dengan tempat perarakan Hari Merdeka untuk nak tengok persembahan jet. Luckily, last year dapat tengok live dekat Ayer 8.

Bezanya kali ni, walaupun tak keluar rumah nk tengok jet, kali ni depa lalu pulak depan rumah. Memang nikmat la tengok dari tingkap rumah sahaja. Mungkin juga kebetulan derang pun tukar tempat buat Upacara Merdeka dan dekat dengan rumah. Memang puasla tengok dari time rehearsal sampai on the day of the event. 

Jet ni satu je, tapi bila dia lalu atas bumbung rumah, sound dia, nk pecah gegendang telinga. 

They are coming. Can't wait to see the performance.

Air show TUDM tak pernahnya tak best. Especially for ayah, dia bekas TUDM, bila dia tengok semula air show ni, memang recall back all the memory yang dia pernah lalu dulu.

I asked ayah, ayah bawak jet ni ke dulu?

Ayah kata tak, ayah bawak kapal terbang yang sekarang ni ada dekat depan museum tu. 

Then I just let him enjoy the moment la tgk jet. 

Bawah ni I share link dari Artrache Channel.

Practical Days at Petronas Miri

Practical Days at Petronas Miri


Tamat enam semester di UUM, before graduate surely kena go through practical industry for few months. Like in my case, I have to complete three months practical dan indsutry yang I pergi adalah di Oil and Gas Industry.

Ini semua atas nasihat my sister, she once said to me, choosing the right practical program from a good company is like is like a important ticket for you if you want to get into a good company for your future job. Kebetulan, my brother and my sister both working in Oil and Gas industry so it makes my eye only focus on this industry. Even my dream job is to work at Oil and Gas Company in future.

So, I decided to do my practical  di Petronas Miri Sarawak. 

3 bulan, untuk budak yang baru nak explore working life. Yeah, practical is the right place to start. I ingat lagi first day I start kerja, pakai beria-ria siap coat bagai. 1st impression katanya.... Hahahaa....

Dalam masa tiga bulan I learned a lot through the people around me. Kebetulan my supervisor dulu is Head of Department so he is extremely busy dengan kerja dia. So dia tak ada masa untuk guide me what to do. I jumpa dia first day and my last day of my practical days. Seminggu awal-awal tu dudukla dekat meja sendiri and rasa like total loser sebab tak ada benda yang boleh buat selain dari baca manual and the rest melekat sahaja dekat kerusi masing-masing tak toleh kiri kanan. Yang I nampak derang bangun dari kerusi bila time lunch or time solat/toilet break. Then setiap pagi and petang ada tea lady yang siap air milo everyday sampai lama-lama seluar pun mulalah ketat sikit sebab duduk sahaja. 

Another following week, I need to be more productive by asking people  around me yang agak-agak free sedikit daripada workload derang. Kalau duduk diam tak ke depan tanya orang memang, I wont learn anything la for that three months. From there I kenal one of the staff nama Ganesh. Dialah yang banyak explain to me apa yang department Maintenance Engineering works. Sedikit demi sedikit I berjaya collect information for my final practical report paper. 

Habit Belajar


 As i told you about me,

I'm not a bright student, yet zaman belajar tu most of my days I spent 3/4 hari with Nora and Lela. Lela and Nora rajiin jugalah study compared to myself. Study I can only survived maximum 30 minit je dekat meja study. Lepas tu, panas bontot mesti nak pergi ke bilik lela untuk lepak. I am a type of person yang belajar last minute. Ada juga time I tried to join Wani punya style whereby dia jenis sentiasa belajar but I failed to do so. Satu apa yang baca langsung tak masuk otak and end up I felt cramp dekat otak ni and I give up and lepak much better for me. Haha. While me on the other hand, I spent most of my time join Project dekat Kolej. From one meeting to another meeting yang sometimes habis meeting pukul 10-11 malam. 

After that malam after meeting, I sentiasa lepak bilik Lela. So bilik Lela is our center of place untuk lepak sampai esok paginya. Me, Lela and Nora sampai we all ada la nama yang group lain bagi pada kami sebab anywhere we go mesti bertiga. Kalau salah seorang tak ada, mesti derang akan tanya.

To cut the story short, how I cope up with my study?

I am a last minute study type of person, pergi library jangan haraplah dari huda. Boleh kira dengan jari. I just g library just tiga kali i think sepanjang tiga tahun, 1 waktu orentasi, 2 bila ada group assignment. Haha. Exam pun sama. Baca pulun sebelum exam. So usually exam pagi, I will stay up whole night and terus pergi exam and balik baru tido.Kalau dua paper pagi dan petang, usually I akan tidur dalam masa sejam je before exam petang. Memang begitulah selalunya. My brain can only function bila I'm in pressure. Pressure ada deadline dan sebagainya. 

Selain tu from my previous post, I said I jenis tidur dalam kelas but eventually, I can hear the lecture but bila orang tanya faham tak. I said I faham but bila nak suruh explained back to my friend, sorry memang I tak boleh. Hahaha. That's me.

Tapi waktu belajar, mak akan provide vitamin for me to study. Vitamin ni memang Huda sentiasa makan. Kalau kecik-kecik dulu dok makan scotts emulsions la, champs la dan sebagainya but then bila reach umur 12 tahun, I dah mula makan vitamin dari Shaklee.  

Shaklee Omega Guard

Jadinya vitamin yang kalau habis mak akan pos dekat huda adalah Shaklee Lecithin and Shaklee Omega Guard. This two is my favourite vitamin waktu study. I learned from one Chinese friends, dia bagi tips kat Huda kalau nak exam, take extra vitamin for my brain to function well and mudahkan cell-cell otak berhubung. So I did the way yang dia ceritakan and yup, tak tipu memang best and it works. 

One thing yang I memang experience by myself,

I jenis study last minit and pastikan tak tidur seharian before exam especially bila my exam paper pagi, I tak letih and I did get numb dekat my brain sebab apa, bila kita kurang tidur sometimes otak kita jadi macam lembab skit untuk berfikir but not for me.

Second, I study using mindmap method, so bila tengah jawab exam and bila I stuck with the exam answers, perlahan-lahan , I can visualized my answer through my mindmap note dekat my brain and I boleh tulis balik dekat exam paper. It may sound ridiculous but that is what I experience myself. *and u know, I buat mindmap note tu usually malam before exam, sambil baca sambil buat. 

Hehe. Thats it my sharing story hr ni.

See you later.

UUM Story Part II

Management of Technology.

Suatu bidang yang hakikatnya tidak masuk langsung dalam list study yang nak diambil. Sebelum ni Huda cerita, UUM antara yang tak masuk list Universiti Pilihan. Kali ini, ini antara Degree yang tak masuk list huda juga. Hahaha.Management of Tecnhology? Management with Technology? Manufacturing? Construction? Electronic and Robotic? Kilang? Aiyoo... memang not per my expectation. So I pun tryla buat rayuan waktu sem 2 untuk pindah to Accounting tapi waktu tu berjaya dapat rayuan but ke Kelantan. Sebabkan dan sem 2, i proceed my studies and alhamdulillah still survived juga study for three years in Management

Team study waktu sem berapa tak ingat dah kami ke Sony for Kaizen Quality

Inilah sahabat yang selalu siku tangan bila tidur dalam kelas and selalu text, Huda, ko datang kelas ke tak. Tapi kalau tak datang, dia jugakla jadi mangsa mintak tolong signkan attendance.. Hahahaha.
Wanilah paling penyabar sekali nak layan kerenah Huda kt Uni dulu. Rupanya dia sama Matrix tapi Huda tak kenal dia tapi dia kenal huda. Adoi bertuah betul aku ni. 

Gambar final year kami di UUM. Badan dah makin cute skit compared to awal-awal masuk Uni. Gambar ni kitaorang ambil before masuk kelas Law. Berjalan slow-slow dari DKG MOT to DKG Law. Inilah wajah-wajah sahabat satu course. Sahabat-sahabat lama yang kebanyakkannya dah jadi lecturer.

Gambar-gambar lama ni memang akan teringat zaman-zaman study dulu yang sangat best. Duduk Kedah ni sangat unik dan menarik. Macam-macam cerita walaupun duduk terperosok dari dunia luar. 
  • Kes, tunggu tiga jam bas untuk pergi makan breakfast dekat luar.
  • Kes cerita hantu tak payah sembangla, mesti setiap uni ada cerita masing-masing. But yang paling tak boleh lupa bangun tengah malam, pintu bilik terbuka, berdiri depan pintu ada bunyi ponti tengah menangis (sebijik macam dalam cerita Harum Sundal Malam lakonan Maya Karin tu) which that time kat UUM ada kes Orang Minyak.  
  • Kes, sewa kereta, minyak habis, duduk la tepi hutan tgh malam.
  • Kes, sewa kereta, minyak habis, tengah malam, tolak kereta dalam hujan lebat. Hahahaha. 
  • Terlepas kolej, bas ekspress tak nak pusing, terpaksalah jalan kaki sorang-sorang pukul 3 pagi balik kolej sendiri akibat tertidur dalam bas. 
Adoila... pengalaman yang paling mahal dan paling best sekali. It's all about my personal experience.

Last-last, this is my final day picture with Lela, Anis and Sofea dekat dataran before naik kereta balik KL and going to Sarawak for my practical. Fun time in UUM dah habis, tinggallah Nora and Lela for their final exam. 

Student Life at UUM


Life is the best moment when you reach your 20's. Definitely the statement refers to me. 

Everything seems to be so joyful, you can enjoy every bit of your life where your health is in good condition, you enjoy food, you have friends that you enjoy being with and do many sorts of crazy things together while you are far away from your family. Experiencing many unexpected encounter and so many more.  Life is so stress-free.

Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) is located at Sintok, Kedah whereby it is located at the end of Northern Malaysia. It has 14 collage and 1 family collage. Every collage was name after the company in Malaysia since UUM represent Business University. Sebenarnya, UUM tak pernah ada dalam list pilihan universiti waktu isi borang IPTA. For me it is enough duduk dekat Perlis waktu buat Matrix dulu and tak mau dah duduk area Kedah. Haaa.... amik, once kata tak nak tu itulah yang dapat.

Here goes another three more years in Kedah. Terpaksa la hadap lagi naik bas berjam-jam dengan musim-musim kemarau dekat Kedah ni. Before that Huda pernah duduk Perlis waktu time Matrix for a year. So I can imagine life dekat UUM ni akan jadi lebih kurang sama je macam mana time dekat Perlis. Kosong, xda benda. Anything nak cari, semuanya kena turun Alor Setar. Kalau time dekat Perlis, nak p Alor Setar kena naik train but UUM boleh lagila naik bas. Bas pun bas yang jenis lantai papan, pakai kertas yang kena punch macam zaman-zaman klasik dulu.

2002, quality gambar pun tak berapa cantik. This is my friends waktu masuk orientasi dari Sabah, Johor, Kelantan and me from KL. We had an amazing moment together. Segala aktiviti kitaorang buat sama-sama. Padahal kami semua different course. Nora and Betty dari BIBM (International Business), Lela, BBA (Business Admin) and me terbabas ke MOT (Management of Technology)

Semester ke dua, Betty pindah kolej and remain three of us until now. Then later we lost contact dengan Betty. I had the most beautiful friendship between Nora and Lela and hope this friendship remain till jannah.  

We all quite active dalam kolej since UUM ada 14 kolej, if we all tak aktif dalam kolej, kami kena pindah kolej. Jadinya, nak ke tak nak kami pun terpaksalah aktif untuk dapat kekal dalam kolej yang sama sampai siap kena marah dengan senior lagi waktu tu sebab too much of activity. Asal ada semuanya join. Personally, Huda bukan jenis yang suka aktif tapi sebab ada geng yang sekepala so senangla join those kind of activity. 

Talking about Kolej... inilah Kolej Huda for three years. Kolej Proton. Lela still ingat lagi lagu dia sebab lagu tu kami create waktu persembahan orentasi wakil kolej masing-masing.

PROTON... My proud college... I'm proud sebab makanan dekat kafe yang paling murah and sedap. Hahahaha..Food Heaven. Kalau dekat Kedah, range makan antara RM1.00-RM3.00 termasuk air. RM3.00, ayam percik pun boleh dapat with nasi setinggi bukit. Sem 1, sempatla kami merasa 2 kafe dekat Proton ni. Binjal &Asun. Dekat Asun, ada satu kedai pakcik ni tengah malam kalau lapar, kami mesti turun bawah and order Mee Goreng. Ya Rabbi... sedap betul pakcik tu masak. Sayangnya pakcik tu ada dekat situ untuk 1 semester saja. Binjal pulak, kafe kak Tar. Teringat pulak dekat dia dan arwah Pakcik.

Tang makan memang tiptop tapi kalau hal air...tu la kes paling lemah sekali bila air tak ada.  Kalau sehari dua boleh tolerate lagi tapi kalau dah nampak lori air datang, tong air prepared setiap kolej, faham-fahamla maksudnya boleh drag ke seminggu duala jawapannya.  Nasib baikla time tu duduk ground floor, tak la terseksa sangat nk angkut air compared to time Matrix angkut dari ground floor ke tingkat 4. Told ya not so much different Kedah & Perlis. 

The worst case yang pernah berlaku, we all redah sampi Perlis nak cari air untuk mandi. Masjid tak ada air, sekali kami terbabas ke Gua Kelam sebab tahu kat situ ada air terjun. Sekali sampai, air kt air terjun pun turun kecik je lalu celah batu. Adoila pengalaman betul and ada satu case juga enam ke tujuh orang dalam kancil Lela pergi tumpang rumah orang mandi dekat Perlis. Memang macam sardinla dalam kereta semata-mata cari air untuk mandi.

I totally in love with my student life at UUM. Nak makan McDonald ke KFC ke semua kena turun Alor Setar. Even waktu tu Changlun masih consider pekan cowboy. Sampai buat muka tak malu suruh abang senior drivekan kitaorang p Alor Setar semata-mata tak nak naik bas.  Kalau nak diceritakan zaman awal-awal masuk universiti ni, memang tak akan habis menulis. Nanti kita sambung lagi bila ada masa. 


About Me


Hi there & welcome to my abundant blog. 

Hi, its me, Huda. I am an introvert person but learning to walk out from my shell and share my story to the world through my blog called MANA. 

A bit about me,

I'm in my mid-30's. 

I had been working as Human Resource for the past 9 years and I left my job by the end of December 2019. By 2020, I was totally jobless and the pandemic issue became more serious and it doesn't stop there. So this year 2021, I decided to make a change in my life which I had been neglected and give more self-love which I will share with you in the future post.

I'm not a bright student, but Alhamdulillah with His Blessing I was graduated from Universiti Utara Malaysia with Master of Science (Management) and degree from the same university under Management of Technology. One of my biggest dream is to continue my education until PHD which is yet to be completed. One day Insya-Allah, please make dua for me. 

Actually I'm in dilemma which language should I convey my story since I am having a limited  words that allow to express myself in writing. Writing was not my strength, so I may use mixed language whichever I feel comfortable. Anyhow, I will try my best to convey my story to you.

What to expect from my blog?

This main focus of my blog is share with you about my story. Story of my life, how I gain weight, while now I'm looking forward to reduce my weight, other than food, friends and other activities that I did throughout the years. I hope that my story will be able to influence those who are seeking to make a change and become a better, healthier and a happier you.

I may have to take you back to my university life until now. It's going to be a long ride but just go along with me as I'm also trying to open up myself to tell you my story.

Enjoy your reading & thank you for supporting my blog.

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