Setiap tahun, I've made this azam. Azam untuk turunkan berat badan. Years to years it never been achievable goal. Semuanya mision yang carry forward mission. End up I become an emotional eater and I pumped up myself until there is one triggering moment that happened to me in 2020.

Last Saturday, I went out for lunch date with my cousins and catching up stories. Me and my cousin has made this agreement that we must have a get together at least once a year. Since PKP has been lifted, we decided to meet up at Jibby Chow for dimsum. 

We had best moment together for 1 hour and 30 minutes before one of us had to depart due to his meeting.  While waiting for our take away food, I took a photo of my cousin then I asked her to take a photo of me since the her picture turns out great.

I'm quite surprise myself when I see a photo of me since I'm not a type who loves to upload a photo of me and decided to upload in my instagram.

Dan gambar seterusnya dibawah adalah orang yang sama, Me setahun yang lalu.

When I see my picture and decided to compare myself a year-2 ago, which you can see from the picture above. Only a year difference does make a huge impact for me. You know and I know that there are many people outside has the same problem with me. Dari kurus ke overweight up to obese then aim untuk berpatah balik semula ke ideal weight and selalu aim tapi always failed. Alhamdulillah this year, I consider my carried forward goals tu dah achieve untuk tahun 2021. Cuma kelemahan diri sendiri tu cepat mengalah ditengah jalan. Alhamdulillah dengan perubahan yang ketara ni buat diri rasa nak fight for better self. Tapi...tapi...tapi.... setiap perkara bermula dari small steps and commitment

Weight loss not just about getting a size smaller or getting the ideal weight (which is small part of weight loss). Its more than that. Its about the process of getting to know you.

Not all type of diet fits me and you. Allah has Created each and everyone of us is unique. Even our thumbprint also is different from one another. Weight Loss journey is about getting to know yourself, your body react to each food you put inside your body and how your body react to it.

Just trust the process, definitely you'll get the result.

Health is ...


Something to ponder...

Do you agree with me if I think Health is about making a long-term investment? Agree or not?

One fine day, I was in the toilet and thinking about my weight loss progress. Unexpectedly I have been committed myself for over a year for Intermittent Fasting. Then, I fikir lagi, Wow... I have been consume Shaklee for more than 20 years plus already. 

Then I sit down and think again and buat a bit of self reflection, yeah, Health is... like a reading stock market. Its a graph of our personal health check. Ada masa, ia naik ada masa dia turun. It's not a fixed progress but it's like a yo-yo theme. Selalu kita dengar diet yang yo-yo yet our health also like that. Dia semua bergantung kepada cara hidup, intake pemakanan harian dan product (luaran) yang kita amalkan.

If in stock market rules of thumb, bila harga tengah murah, kita beli and bila harga tengah melambung tinggi kita jual to earn profits but dia berbeza dengan kesihatan. Bila kesihatan kita menurun, kita kena focus bagi intensive treatment untuk targeted penyakit yang kita hadapi dan selepas itu... bila dah sihat, kita ke focus untuk maintain our health up to optimum level. 

Kesihatan ini sentiasa perlu pemantauan dari masa ke semasa. Sihat bukan bermakna kita sihat selamanya dan sakit bukan bermakna kita sakit selamanya kecuali dengan izinNya. Memahami concept 5 sebelum 5 dan salah satu pepatahnya sihat sebelum sakit.

Setiap penyakit ada ubatnya kecuali mati. So percayalah setiap penyakit can be reversible or it can terusan sakit. Semuanya bergantung kepada diri kita sendiri, macam mana kita hendak menjaga diri serta kesihatan kita.

Talking about making a long-term investment, dalam sedar mahupun tidak.. I had consume supplement for more than 20 years. 

Why I choose to consume supplement?

I choose supplement because I know my eating pattern habit and my daily lifestyle tak memberi impak yang baik untuk badan. Dengan adanya makanan tambahan, ia serba sedikit membantu improvekan my health.

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