Tahun Baru 2024


Assalamualaikum dan very good morning to a new year. Semoga masih belum terlambat untuk wish new year.

New Year, New Hope, New Resolution 


Every year, we create new target set that we set for ourself. Some may decide to renew the old target that yet to achieve while some may start fresh as fresh as new year comes. We write in a book, talk with friends with high momentum of energy. The excitment of setting new goals that we hope that we can achive it by the end of the year or earlier the better.


I have so many things in my list from health, knowledge, life, travel, dream etc. Among my new year 2024 resolutions is

1. Start Morning Walk

2. Consistently write blog

3. Read good books

4. Let go things/ stuff that has not been utilized for the past 6 months. 

5. Restart back my IF routine

6. and many more


2024, 4 days has passed the New Year. Have you start working on your new target?


Frankly speaking, I just started my morning walk yesterday. 2 days behind the target set. However, its ok. It is because there are some activities that I havent done for ages. Therefore, I need to slowly practice and train myself to ensure it become a habit. 

That is my set of story journey for 2024. 

How about yours?

Anyhow, I wish 2024 will be a good year for everyone who read this post and you achive all your goals you have set for this year and enjoy everyday with positve mind and happy always.


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