Self Care

 Hello.. Hello.. Hello... Happy September. September always been my favourite month of the year.

I come across this word tahun lepas. I love the word, Self Care is not a luxury. It's a necessity. I want to share this but I dont know how to put this into words.

I totally agreed with this phrase.

I learned this through my past experience. Self Care is such a BIG WORD. Ia merangkumi keseluruhan YOU. Means by keseluruhan you adalah menjaga fizikal, emotion dan spritual in order to be balance. Even sekarang, too much emotional imbalance leads to mental health. Spiritual imbalance lead to action yang drastic and Physical imbalance that leads to poor health condition. Secara zahirnya pun, sebagai manusia kita harus ada keseimbangan dalam diri supaya kita tidak kucar kacir. 

Five to six years ago, I dont really care much about taking care of myself. It doesn't mean I tak jaga diri I, tapi ia lebih melibatkan tentang gaya hidup dan pemakanan I yang tak seimbang akibat daripada frustrated in myself. Its not inner factor yang buatkan I careless about me but lebih kepada external factor. When things doesn't go the way you plan in life, you become stress and disappointed with yourself. I become an emotional eater in order for me to seek comfort from the painful frustration. Jadinya, I enjoy rich food, makan ikut hawa nafsu diri. Sometimes, midnight lapar pun boleh juga makan nasi goreng. Dah kenyang tidur macam ular sawa. In my case, my stress and frustration leads to my physical imbalance. I slowly gained weight tapi that time pun I still feel ok with myself. I neglect my body condition. I just enjoy my food to the fullest. Bukan sekejap tau, makan tahun dengan habit macam ni.

Sampailah last year, when things get worst. My Uric Acid naik, Kolestrol naik, my eGFR menurun, PCOS getting serious. Thats the turning point for me to jaga my health. U know, bila u down, you stress, you frust dengan diri sendiri... your whole world sangat gloomy. Like me, I felt like I'm stuck in the small box and cant move around. Dengan my style yang jenis tak suka nk bercerita dengan orang, I feel stuck and sad until, I decide to take control back about my health. Deep though I fikir balik if I dont do something about my health today, it will get worse. So I slowly change to be better and now I berjaya keluar dari my dark hole. 

You see from the story above, it is necessity to take care about yourself because to lead a happy life all starts from YOU.

See you in the next post.

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