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Following up from the article of Eat Well, imagine that we have taken a perfect food pyramid as per recommended which consist of vegetables, fruits, grains, milk & bread which complete food pyramid system. 

But then, have you ever heard people or even us complaining, 
Owh, my body is aching!
 Oh, i'm so tired! 
Owh my legs cramping every morning, 
This is my first day period, I'm pissed so don't come near me!
I'm hungry!

Have you ever wonder that every symptom that our body reaction does mirror our body lacking of vitamins & minerals?

How on earth should we know that we are lacking of vitamins & minerals while we do take a good care of our food, do exercise, and sleep well plus I'm still young, strong & active in my daily activity. 

Have you ever checked your BMI? Have you ever received the final result of your body results is beyond your current age?Ie, Age = 26, BMI Body Age = 56?

Have you ever though that our body need maintenance as if our car need monthly maintenance and service?

How are we going to have our "Personal Checklist"?
Below you can used this for yourself to check on your personal health. Many times we misunderstand the difference between nutrient deficiency symptoms and real illness. The ailment below are common symptoms due to nutritional errors and poor lifestyle, such as lack of exercise, smoking,etc.

If there is one or two or perhaps more symptom in you, you may need nutrition diet in your daily life to balance your diet.

Till then, we shall continue the next briefing.

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