10 Rules for Happiness and Contentment by Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee (Part 2)

Never think of unpleasant thing you do not want to happen, for your thoughts direct the expression of your life. Build a thought-pattern that will guide you in the expression of happiness. Plant a thought of happiness in your Inner-consciousness, and it will arouse an emotion of happiness. While one thought will not make a happy person of you, anymore than one tree will make a forest, it will attract other thoughts of like nature. Soon you will be producing enough happiness-thoughts to crowd all unhappiness from your life.

Happiness is the reward of creative thought, so, if you want to be happy, set about creating happiness. LET your Inner-consciousness freely express your happy, love emotions. Never pursue happiness, for you will find it hard to catch. It will always be just beyond your grasp. Produce warm, friendly thoughts for others, and happiness will come to you. You will get out of life exactly what you thought-pattern guides your Inner-consciousness to express. Stop living a hap hazardous life. Start planning for happiness and contentment.

You can never be a happy person until you THINK like one. What you think, you are. Start thinking of some pleasant incident in your life, and see how quickly you will feel an emotion of happiness. All you need do to retain that emotional feeling of happiness is to keep your thoughts on things that will produce happiness.Unpleasant incidents in your life are in the past, so let them stay there. Never drag them out to destroy the happiness of the present. Enduring their unpleasantness once should warn you against giving them further thought.

Happiness and contentment come from doing, not from wishful thinking. You can never successfully do that which you do not honestly think you should do. Every thought you produce is recorded in your Inner-consciousness, and will influence the expression of your life. See to it, then, that your thoughts are so directed as to cause you to be happier and more contented. Every tomorrow will bear the imprint of today's thoughts. As you awaken at the dawn of each day, you are brought face to face with the effects of the thoughts of yesterday.

Live each hour of this day to the full. Waste not a single moment of thought upon the unpleasant happenings of the past. You haven't a moment of time to call your own, but you are privileged to use each moment as it passes by. No clock will ever again strike this hour. Neither will you ever see a tomorrow, for as the sun rises to shed its glorious light upon you, it will be today. THINK, then, of the happiness you may produce for this moment, for WHAT YOU THINK, YOU LOOK; WHAT YOU THINK, YOU DO; WHAT YOU THINK, YOU ARE.

This is 10 rules for Happiness & Contentment by Forrest C. Shaklee

Source : Forrest C. Shaklee,Sr. 

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