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I just come back from my short holiday trip in Sabah. This is my first trip to Sabah even though Sabah is part in Malaysia. I am so thankful that I can follow the Master Retreat Programme organized by the ancestor of Master Coordinator Hj Roslan to reward those have achieved Master Coordinator in Shaklee.

The trip only for 5 days 4 nights. Day 1 we arrived Kota Kinabalu at stay in Promenade Hotel for 1 night before our trip to Kundasang. At first I wonder what is so special of Kundasang that they were talking about as I see Kota Kinabalu not so much difference compared to Semenanjung (for first timer come to visit, what to expect as I'm clueless with the whole programme all about). As we arrrived, Master Hj Roslan took us to Makanan Peranakan which is Malay Chinese Food and took us round KK before we check in our hotel.

On the 2nd day, our travel start from KK to Kundasang which took 2 hours travelling. Along the way, we stopped at few places which I forgot the name of the places, we took a photo on Mount Kinabalu. Unfortunately, the weather is raining on that day so the mist has covered half of the mountain. So then we continue our journey hoping to see the clear beautiful mountain of Kinabalu. The we stopped at Kinabalu World Heritage, they took us to see the check point of Mount Kinabalu for those who wish to climb the Mountain. I only manage to climb 12 step of ladder instead of climbing the Mountain itself as the walking took 32km to reached the top of the mountain. We are so close to the mountain yet still unable to see the mountain.

Until the last day of the trip before heading back to Kota Kinabalu, we are able to see the true majestic of Mount Kinabalu. 
The view of Mount Kinabalu

It is extremely stunning to see the Mountain on our last day trip in Kundasang. It is difference to see with your own eye witness compare to google it in internet. 

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