Catching Up The Lost Years

It has been 2 years since I left my blog unattended.

2 years living in silence makes me to rethink on the strategy to improvise my blog. Too much of thinking and no action is what caused me up till this day. It is difficult to restart the blog writing instead of starting the blog.

What to write? How to write? What topic should I do? 

Those are the things that has been playing in my mind.

Just to keep the story short, I've been thinking of redo and perfecting my blog. In fact, the past 2 years I have created 2 new blogs. One which I publish totally new content and another one, all post i kept in draft. in total I have 3 blog that was silently established. I asked for opinion, and they said to retain my old blog. Therefore, here I am again. Trying to refresh up my blog to fit my own style.

Lesson learn for me, 
Don't think too much in perfecting the blog. Or else you wont go elsewhere. Strive for progress not perfection. 

Have a wonderful evening!

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