ESP Calling this October

Yahoo!!!! The hot selling item is Back!

ESP is Back! Why we need ESP? It is because Protein is the main ingredient in the formation of various organs and tissues in the body and a key component to human hormones.

Why choosing Shaklee ESP?

1. Non GMO (Non Genetically Modified Organism)

2. 9 Amino Acids can not be produced by the body

3. Low Glisemik Index (GI) whereby 39, which it is also also suitable for diabetics

Do you know?

Untuk maklumat lanjut berkaitan pembelian produk atau pertanyaan tentang produk atau ingin menjana pendapatan sebagai full-time mahupun pendapatan tambahan boleh hubungi saya melalui

COD Rawang

Nama : Nurul Huda Hussain
SID : 874785
SMS/ Whatsapp : 012-2285924
Email :

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